There is a theory that complements the theory of evolution, but rather complements it begins and ends when the evolution begins.

It is a theory about the beginning of life, that first moment where it forms.

There are many theories about this time, the scientific as I describe now, the theological and I'll in no further because this is not dogmatic scientific blog.

The theological theories basicamante what they reveal is that life arose spontaneously and randomly, but by the intervention of a "being" or god who was in charge of putting the first bricks.

The theory of Abiogenesis what it describes, in a summarized way, is that in the beginning of the Earth, once the planet beginnings as calm and steady and calm after the cortex, in that prebiotic soup were the chemical elements necessary for spontaneous generation of life. There was no intervention of "third parties" only chemistry and the forces of nature acting in unison, to create those conditions that gave rise to the first life, that and the theory of evolution is responsible to explain.

I show a very interesting video on this theory, which explains everything in a simple and didactic way