Install Android applications on Blackberry 10

Now I have the new BB Z10 in my hands. It is white (I wanted black) because it is seen that the Vodafone they have exhausted the black, but the truth is that I do not, like me and even more white. Probably stay with this.

I've already talked last month BB10 when I taught the people in my company Blackberry. Now that I have in hand I realize it's a cane.

Those who have all the Blackberry life we realize the big leap that have this device. They wanted much I liken the iPhone and Samsung S3. But in this post I will not speak of the virtues of gossip, as I spoke of its benefits in the previous post. Today I will talk about the second thing I've done with him. The first was to update the OS because surprisingly there is already a new update, the After downloading the OS and to register email accounts, Tweeter and so I proceeded to see how I could load Android apps on BB10, and I started by Apalabrados, in deference to Maximum Cavazzani , and because my wife wants to crush me with Apalabrados your Android ...

How we can install Android applications on our BB10?

The first thing to consider is that not ALL Android applications can run on BB10. The Blackberry employee with whom I met last month I talked about that over 90% of Android applications run on the new Blackberry. I work with that I'm content to 70%. Which I downloaded to test SI have worked, so this looks good. Obviously with BB10 still have the Blackberry App Word, so what if we recommend an application, you first look at the Blackberry .-

The first thing is to get off the internet or somehow get the .APK Android file containing the application you want to convert BB10. On the internet you have thousands of sites where you can download these files .APK.

Once you have found the file of the application you wish to install, you must convert the files to Android .APK .BAR extension in files with extension. The .BAR files or programs are installable using the Playbook, but are also compatible with BB10. I said that in summer the Playbook would be updated to BB10, but if you can not wait for this book also serves to install Android applications on our Playbook.

To convert files .APK you can use this web that transform BAR so we can put them in our BB10. You will see that in the web and have many files uploaded by other users, so that maybe have not upload as they are already there. Look if the version on the web is the most current or vice versa. So you only have to give the button that says Upload .APK and you choose the file that you have downloaded APK file and converted it to BAR. After what you descargáis to your computer because that is the BAR file that you must climb to the BB10.


Now we just have to install the program on your computer that Metera the BAR file on your BB10. It's called DDSP Installer and you can download it from here .

DDSP To install follow these instructions:

  1. In your BlackBerry 10, go to Settings desplzando screen down.
  2. Go to Security and Privacy> Development Mode
  3. Enable 'Use development mode. "If your phone does not lock password, put a.
  4. Now go back to Settings> About> Network menu.
  5. Takes note of the IPv4 address of the Wifi on your phone   Eg
  6. Now DDSP Installer runs on the PC and set the IPv4 address where it says 'PlayBook IP Address' below and put the password lock your BB10.
  7. Click onto 'Connect' and if you have entered everything correctly your phone is connected to DDSP Installer, If you get error See if you put the right IP.
  8. Now click on Add and choose the converted file you downloaded Android. Check that you have selected in the list and click Install
  9. New window where you will see the progress of uploading files to the BB10 100% when finished close the window opens.
  10. Now go back into the BB10 to Security and Privacy> Development Mode and returns to disable development mode. Removes the password if you want to lock in Security and Privacy> Password Device


With this you will have already uploaded your Android applications to your BB10, which is just going to the device and test.

I hope this guide will be useful to you. We will continue talking about Blackberry 10 looks good.