New Blackberry 10 OS version

First version of the new OS 10.2 to install it on my Blackberry Z10 (finally draw one that operates at STL-100-1). With OS 10.1 we could install Android applications to version 2.3, but with BlackBerry 10.2 full support for Android 4.2 is apps. In theory almost any Android application should be supported in OS 10.2.

New version brings.

Clearly a better system performance, application support (including Android Player) and animation
BlackBerry Hub
New option "Priority" with the possibility of automatic rules (as the sender of the same name ...)
Additional figurative priority mail messages (red bar on the right)
Direct access to a list of all attachments
New visual warning on the lock screen (just click on the notification icon to enlarge)
New "fast" notice at the top of the screen (in any application) with the possibility of a direct answer without running specific applications
Displays a separate notification for each group of BBM
Home Screen
New quick setup menu with additional buttons and change in appearance
A dedicated access BlackBerry icon Hub
New default wallpaper
System Applications
Task Manager, which controls the loading of CPU and memory applications
Weather app with a cool interface
Native application Evernote
New data indicators
I remember extensive applications (including the search option)
The modification of some elements of the user interface of the Music application
Default Applications
Ability to select and / or change the default applications that run on certain activities / references
Displays the total number of contacts
It can be configured to automatically send a predefined SMS text message when you reject a connection
Simplification of many interface elements, improved buttons and sliders
It is much more efficient setup menu (Native)
Change the look of some of the UI elements
A new screen with a preview of the file sharing
Ability to edit photos directly from this screen before sending
The different sounds of clicks to keys other than letters / numbers
Vibration alerts can be activated by the introduction of an automatic change / modification of the word
More than one alarm - first in BlackBerry OS, you can set more than one alarm at a time. Access to this feature can be accessed directly via an icon on the clock display, located in the upper right corner.
The camera and photo
New Shortcut to location settings geolocation photo
Preview images transmitted
The camera can be connected to the network
After shooting, just drag the thumbnail to the top delete or move to a specific gallery
WiFi Direct
New categories of labels smart NFC tags
Capacity basic photo editing, can set wallpaper screen
Voice Dialing
Additional features for advanced voice dialing (available in Polish)
New loading bar browser
Holding the "Back" button on your browser calls the abbreviated history of navigation
Reversible reader mode (white text on a black background)
The smaller top bar with more information
Other things
New recordings use instructions
More instructions on the screen when it starts and the configuration
More information after a screenshot, for example the amount of free memory
A new interface operations to copy / paste

This software is unofficial, so everyone assumes their own responsibility for the installation.
I already have it installed and I'm trying, to expect ...

To download:

  • Z10 STL100-1
  • Z10 STL100-2,3,4
  • Q10-Q5