New version for Blackberry 10 OS

Just leave a new version for our Z10. We review the highlights of BlackBerry 10.1

BlackBerry Hub now manages all your conversations

BlackBerry Hub helps you stay organized. Now with the new version, you can see the emails that are connected to another email, contact suggestions when a message is initiated, and sending PIN messages PIN for direct communication between BlackBerry smartphones.

Personalize your Notifications

BlackBerry 10.1 lets you set custom notifications for your contacts and accounts. Customize ringtones, vibration and LED light for calls or messages from each of your friends, family or colleagues. You can also set a different notification for different accounts (eg for different email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Click to Call

You can now click on a phone number in an email or BBM message to call the number or copy and paste right into the dialer screen in the phone application.

Better control of the cursor

BlackBerry 10.1 offers better control the cursor making it easier to precisely position the cursor in the text and select. Just click once to display cursor control, grab the blue circle and drag it around the insertion point you want. Improved visual information that lets you know where you are pointing. You can also tap on either side of the circle to move forward or backward one character at a time.

Improved image capture

BlackBerry 10.1 adds a shooting mode HDR (high dynamic range) to take quality images in difficult lighting conditions. How high dynamic range (HDR) takes several images with different exposure levels and automatically binds the layers to produce a single photo that combines the best of dark and bright areas. It also includes improved red-eye reduction and golden eye in the editor.

More things to discover BlackBerry 10.1

You will also find a number of new enhancements BlackBerry OS 10 as more easily in the horizontal support for international call schedule also has a number of improvements to battery optimization. You must update your BlackBerry Z10 asap to not miss all these improvements.

Upgrading is easy

10.1 Upgrading to BlackBerry's free and easy to do. To update the BlackBerry to BlackBerry smartphone Z10 10.1 seeks alert notifications section of BlackBerry Hub. You can also check for software updates through Software Update section in the Settings menu or the BlackBerry Link software. The download will occur in the background and the update is applied without backing up the smartphone. All your information is kept safe to start with the new version. For more information about updating the BlackBerry smartphone Z10, check / update